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Visit CMG Boutique, our online web store to support us by purchasing our merchandise and help us achieve our mission.  Please visit us regularly and consider the Cellular Masterpiece art 4 art Gallery for all your home, office décor and  gift giving needs.    

Our mission at CMG is to establish a viable entertainment industry in Texas inclusive of all, with a focus  on supporting compelling streaming entertainment series which feature Latinos as Americans in principal roles via the efforts of Lift Latinhearts Production Fund, formerly Producer Shed. 

For those who live in Texas and would like to be on our guest registry, go to our events page here  to get on the guest list to get invited to gallery events.  We will keep you in the loop of the Cellular Masterpiece art 4 art Gallery's latest developments, our annual cell photo-art contest, other upcoming events and the launch of our web store. 

And please spread the word to friends and family.  Thank You for your support in advance and we look forward to seeing you next summer. 

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