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Born and raised in Weslaco, TX Ricardo is an Alumni of the University of the Incarnate Word, in San Antonio, TX,. His education along with a career as a Business Strategy Consultant for Fortune 100 companies and small businesses gave him the expertise to develop a strategic plan for his vision in creating jobs in mainstream entertainment. He has dedicated the last 25 years as an advocate for creating opportunities for Latinos in lead and supporting roles on mainstream American television, film and streaming.

In 2006, he was a pioneer in streaming entertainment, creating and producing the first dramatic soap opera series for web distribution before Netflix and Hulu begin streaming. The ground breaking soap opera, Alamo Heights SA,  seen around the world over the Internet, featured two wealthy Latino families. It was produced in two languages and was delivered to the  English and Spanish  market simultaneously.

Ricardo has pursued his vision relentlessly studying the "Hollywood" industry from the inside out, consulting independent producers, and developing a strategic plan to establish a viable production industry in Texas which will create full time jobs and lifetime careers in entertainment for todays and future generations of Texans. 

Ricardo begin taking photographs on his cell phone in 2008 and printing them on canvas.  With a collection of over 150 original pieces printed and framed, he decided he would use them to help his cause. The Cellular Masterpiece art 4 art Gallery is part of the vision and a component in the  strategic plan to raise capital to subsidize independent series productions that cast at least twenty five percent of their lead and supporting roles with Latino talent.

He is the founder of Lift Latinhearts Production Fund, a  501c3 dedicated to the  cause and  the  Fiesta SATX Short Film Festival which is also designed to raise capital for the mission of the non profit.

Ricardo Cuéllar

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