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21st Century Art

The Cellular Masterpiece art 4 art Gallery was established as part of a larger strategy to nurture Independent streaming video, television series and cinema producers creating work for talent in front and behind the camera.  

The 21st Century brought a tremendous amount of   change to the creative world. Photography and videography has been  turned upside down with the incorporation of still and video cameras within the  cell phone technology everyone has in their hands today.

Around the world, people are taking beautiful photographs and videos with their phone but typically share them with their close friends and family and the photos remain stored on their phones where no one else gets to enjoy them.

The Cellular Masterpiece  art 4 art Gallery is on a mission to find the best cell phone photo art from around the world and to create a space where a broad audience can enjoy them and take the pieces  that move them home to enjoy in their daily lives.

Each year, the Cellular Masterpiece art 4 art Gallery will run a worldwide contest/search to curate a collection of 150 new cell phone images for exhibition and sale at the gallery the following year in San Antonio, TX.  Each new exhibit will run for a period of one year.

The photographers selected will receive a percentage of the annual profits generated from the sales of their image on the  various merchandise offered in CMG Boutique online store.

As CMG's part in supporting the community, each piece in the exhibit will be assigned a non-profit organization who will receive a contribution from the sale of the designated photo art at the  end of the exhibition year.

If you have a beautiful cell phone photo you think people around the world will enjoy, get ready to enter our contest in the summer of 2022.

Help us support independent producers bringing entertainment to the world by  purchasing our merchandise for yourself,  friends and family at our on-line CMG Boutique.

We invite you to register with us so you can stay in the loop and be the first to know the projects we are working on, see behind the scenes footage only our registered members will see, and get notified when a new production is launched.

Thank you for visiting our site.  We hope to see you in our gallery in Texas  soon.

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