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Americans of Hispanic/Latino descent are grossly under-represented on Television and in Film in the USA.  In 2021 almost 20% of the USA population is of Hispanic/Latino descent. 


Approximately 4.8 % of the lead and supporting actors on mainstream American TV are of Hispanic/Latino descent and there are no  Hispanic/Latino-centric. 

programs on mainstream this season.


Help us make a difference in American entertainment. Keep an eye on your E-mail for special announcements on how you can support our efforts as we roll out our strategic plan over the next few years.  And please invites your family and friends to register with us as well. 

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for entering the Cellular Masterpiece art 4 art Gallery contest.  We are working with Producer Shed to roll out a concerted effort to increase the number of Hispanics/Latinos in principal roles in American entertainment. However our efforts will provide opportunities not only for Hispanics/Latinos but for everyone who wants to work in Texas.

Your support in helping us create jobs and opportunities in entertainment for the people of Texas is very much appreciated. 

Our judges will review your entry.  Those selected for the 2019-2020 exhibit will be announced on social media 30 days after the submission process ends.  Best of Luck!!!

Visit us regularly to keep in the loop as we roll-out the next steps of our strategic plan to create a viable year-round entertainment industry in Texas where you will be given opportunities to be a part of discovering and making the next generation of entertainment producers and the stars of tomorrow. 

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