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Ricardo Cuéllar


Born in USA, Texas


Alumni of the University of the Incarnate Word, San Antonio, TX, AT&T, 

T-Mobile, Omega Group International, Enterprise Rent-A -Car & SWBC

Ricardo is an advocate for creating opportunities for Hispanics in lead and supporting roles on American Internet series, Television series and Film.  In 1998, he left the corporate world to pursue his vision of creating a viable production industry in Texas which would be inclusive of Hispanics in central characters as professional, educated Americans.  He relocated back to Texas and enrolled in radio television and film school at San Antonio College to formally learn how to produce a script he was developing  

In 2006, he created and produced the first dramatic soap opera series for web distribution which crossed over to television.  The sexy soap opera Alamo Heights SA, centered around the lingerie industry was groundbreaking as it featured a wealthy American family of Hispanic descent which is not seen on American television.  It also featured a cross-border relationship with their rivals, a wealthy family from Monterrey Mexico. The soap opera seen around the world over the Internet, was produced in two languages and was delivered to the  English and Spanish  market simultaneously.

Ricardo has pursued his  vision relentlessly studying the "Hollywood" industry from the inside out, consulting independent producers, and developing a strategic plan to establish a viable production industry in Texas which will create year-round jobs and full time careers in entertainment for the people of Texas.

The Cellular Masterpiece art 4 art Gallery is part of the vision and a component in his strategic plan to raise capital to subsidize independent series productions that cast at least fifty percent of their lead and supporting roles with  Hispanic actors

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