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Welcome to the Cellular Masterpiece art 4 art Gallery on-line.  My name is Ricardo Cuéllar. I am and advocate for increasing the number of Hispanics/Latinos in lead and supporting roles on mainstream Internet video, television and film  in the USA.

The Cellular Masterpiece art 4 art Gallery is the cornerstone to rolling out a seven year strategy where we will create jobs that will be the vehicles to discover the stars of tomorrow.  I am launching the gallery with a one-man show by yours truly of one-hundred and fifty of my favorite cell phone photos I captured in the last decade. 

In 1998 I left the corporate world to pursue my vision of creating content that included Hispanics/Latinos as Americans in central non-stereotypical roles in television and film and fully immersing myself hands-on in studying the industry.  I have pursued my vision relentlessly since. 

I wrote and developed "Alamo Heights SA", a drama portraying Hispanics/Latinos as wealthy American entrepreneurs  And in 2008 an investment group from Houston loved the concept and subsidized the project. Alamo Heights SA became the first scripted production developed as a web series featuring wealthy    Americans of Hispanic descent, which crossed to television.  The economy put the project on hiatus, However I continued to plow forward studying the industry and making contacts in the public and private sector to move the vision forward. 

I have completed a viable strategic plan to create jobs and life-time careers for those who would like to pursue their dreams in this industry in Texas. The plan includes creating and supporting projects casting  Hispanics in principal roles, but DOES NOT exclude anyone.  

For those of you interested learning more and  supporting this effort, please pre-register.  And for those of you are in the San Antonio, TX area you will be placed on the guest list for our events including the launch of the gallery opening in the Fall.  We will be making several exciting announcements at the grand opening.  So be sure not to miss it.  Proceeds from our pre-launch sales will go towards rolling out the strategic plan and establishing a viable industry in Texas.  

Thank you for your support in advance,  I hope to meet and work with you soon. 

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